How can mindfulness help me?

There are many benefits to practicing mindfulness. It can:

  • lower stress levels
  • sharpen concentration
  • increase resilience
  • enhance feelings of wellbeing
  • increase our self-awareness and awareness of others

What happens on a mindfulness course?

The courses involves practices of mindful breathing, mindfulness of body, feelings, senses and thought. We practice lying down, sitting, standing, walking and through gentle movement. Through discussion, we explore the effect of stress on the mind and body and how using mindfulness, we can find wiser, kinder ways to respond. You are also invited to complete some home practice each day.

Is home practice involved?

 You are encouraged to complete some home practice each day in order to gain the most benefit from a mindfulness course.  Handouts and audio recordings to support you with this will be supplied.

Is there a religious component to these mindfulness courses?

These courses do not have any religious component. They are entirely secular and do not require you to have any particular kind of belief.

Do I need experience to join these mindfulness courses?

No experience is required to join these mindfulness courses. Any level of experience is welcome.